A warm welcome to this year's pre-booking of the Winter Kit! ⁣ ⁣

New for 2021:
10 product news - 6 different sets to choose from!
-Beanies for adults
- Neck collars for adults
- Soft snowboot for the little ones that do not fit into the Explorer Boot yet 
- Finger Gloves 
- Headband Adult & children
- Balaclava
- New Born Kit

Possibility to choose from 6 different kits ⁣ ⁣⁣


Only Winter Kit accessories (3 pieces, both children & adult) ⁣
500: - (compare at 600-900 :-) ⁣

2. Only Boot: ⁣
500: - (compare at 600 :-) ⁣ ⁣

3. Boot + one optional winter accessory, both children & adult: ⁣
600: - (compare at 800-900 :-) ⁣ ⁣

4. Boot + winter set of accessories
both children & adult (3 pieces): ⁣
800 SEK (compare at 1200-1500 :-) ⁣

5. Soft Snowboot + one optional accessory 400: - (compare at 500-600:-)

6. Newborn Set 200: - (compare at 300 :-) ⁣

Why pre-book?

- Teamwork with us in reducing our common climate impact by only sewing shoes that move directly to their new homes after 2-3 weeks

- Customize your shoe completely according to your preferences on color and size

- As a thank you for helping us to minimize our transport emissions, we offer winter shoes & accessories at a pre-booking price and not all products will be available at a better price than during pre-booking.

More information and pictures of the shoes & accessories can be found here at BabyMocs.com.

How long will the Preorder be open? 
It is up to you! It closes when we have reached 100% of our preorder capacity. Keep an eye on our Instagram @babymocs.official for the latest updates about the closing.  

Please note that if a PREORDER code is used on the wrong products/not enough products we will contact you after your order is placed and before the preorder closes to adjust it. 

If the Winter Set Prices do not update automatically for you at check-out it can be due to a pop-up blocker on your phone/computer:
Then just type in the CODE below that applies to the package you wish in the Check Out Area to receive your Preorder Winter Kit Offers.

Only Winter Kit Accessories: 

Only Boot: 

Boot + one optional winter accessory: 

Boot+ winter set of accessories (3 pieces): 

New Born Kit
No Code Needed